Sunday, December 03, 2006


Call of Duty 3 Review

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"Call of Duty 3 for Wii is a bit of a mixed bag. For starters, the game’s control is pretty solid, and while there are a few issues with the battle actions, the pin-point aiming and Call of Duty driving feels great, adding a ton of immersion in to the game. If the gameplay isn’t your primary focus for FPS games though, Call of Duty 3 may be a bit of a downer, as there’s no multiplayer, and the visuals are pretty weak. If you’re expecting anything more than a solid single player adventure and GCN/Xbox graphics, you may be disappointed. Still, Call of Duty 3’s control is definitely something to experience, and seems to be second only to Metroid. If you’re looking to try the FPS genre on Wii during launch, Call of Duty 3 is the game to show the system off."
Final Score: 7.7 RENT IT!

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